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Hasegawa Financial Holdings

Hasegawa Financial Holdings provides full investment services, coordinating all facets of the financial planning process to include wealth management and legacy planning to individual investors, families and business owners. We help individuals and business owners effectively manage their wealth, maintain their lifestyle and leave a lasting legacy for their family and community.
We are an independent, fee-only financial advisory firm serving clients the Asia-Pacific region.  We assist our clients through planning and disciplined investing as they seek to achieve their financial goals.  We will work with you to align your finances to serve your life goals and achieve financial independence.
We take a holistic approach to our planning process.  We consider all aspects of our clients’ lifestyle, wants, needs, and goals.  We even consider investments our clients have with other institutions.  The more holistic view we have, the better advice we can provide.

Hasegawa Financial Holdings also uses multiple software programs as we attempt to ensure we are providing the best advice to our clients.

Our specialists will help you as an individual investor or your business set more clear vision. We will assist you to be more competitive in nowadays tough market.

We are ready to do business planning for a new venture, loan taking, investment making and planning, new business communications and more.

We can identify opportunities and risks for enterprises. We are responsive, careful about details and dedicated to our clients.

Why Hasegawa Financial Holdings?
Experience: It's all about our clients!
Hasegawa Financial Holdings strives to provide clients not only with the best advice, but with the best experience.  Being that Hasegawa Financial Holdings is a versatile firm so we are able to provide personalized service for all of our clients.  We attempt to accommodate all of our client’s needs.
We will then develop a plan for you that encompass many of your wants, needs, and goals.  Once we implement your plan into action, we will continuously review your plan to help keep you on track.

Comprehension: Knowledgeable staff at your service!
Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the finance industry.  We are continuously researching to stay up to the minute on the best investments for our clients. 
We also understand that clients are not a 'packaged deal.'  Every client is unique; every client has different wants and needs.  We will cater to each individual client with the utmost understanding and knowledge.

Value: Attractive fees!
Hasegawa Financial Holdings strives to provide the best of both worlds: top of the line service and attractive fees.  We pride ourselves in attempting to give our clients the best advice and cost in the industry.

About Us

Hasegawa Financial Holdings is an Independent Investment Advisor based in Tokyo, Japan.

As an independent registered investment advisor, Hasegawa Financial Holdings is able to offer independent advice and investments based what is truly best for the client. Our independence means that we do not push any proprietary products. Also, being independent allows us to use non-proprietary products, which may be more appropriate for our clients…..more




We are a specialist investment management company providing discretionary services for individuals, wealthy families and business owners – corporate services.
Our discretionary investment management services cover a range of different levels to suit your specific investment objectives.

Whether we help you to create a personally tailored investment portfolio which we then manage on your behalf, or whether we manage your funds as part of one of our collective investment vehicles, we do not compromise on the fundamental elements of our offer to you…more